Why Is Page Load Speed Important and How to Boost it?

Slow page load speed is a major drawback of a website. It discourages the user from visiting your site and affects ROI. Slow page load speed is a major reason of high bounce rate as visitors don’t want to wait longer on the website to let it load and they prefer to check another website. Having slow load speed means you are preventing your visitors from visiting the website and pushing traffic towards your competitors.

There are different reasons of slow page load speed such as the sue of heavy images, poor coding, presence of spammy links, and inefficient WordPress theme. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult to identify the actual problem especially when you don’t have technical expertise or you are performing this task manually. In this situation, there are some plugins which are very helpful for users as they let you know the actual issue and also improve page load speed to give more exposure to the website and better user experience. These three WordPress SEO plugins are helpful in this regard.

  1. WP Rocket

It gives excellent caching functionality that let it win over 783, 102 users and 4/5 rating.

Key features: Page caching, cache preloading, static file compression, images on request, and developer-friendly environment are some exciting features of WP Rocket.

Pros: Boost page speed and ranks the website higher. Highly user-friendly and minimal configuration is required.

Cons: Preload bot causes CPU overload on shared services.

Price: $49

  1. W3 Total Cache

It caches the static copies and increases page load speed. It presently ranked 4.5/5 and have millions of active installations.

Key features: Compresses and reduces the bandwidth of up to 80% and comes with AMP support. The other features include local caching, extended site caching, and progressive rendering.

Pros: Rank your website higher by improving its speed and removing unnecessary data.

Cons: Sometimes, it converts dynamic pages into static to improve page load speed.

Price: $250

  1. Cache Enabler

The lightweight and easy to install plugin has over 70, 000+ active installations and 4.5/5 rating with 78 reviews.

Key features: You see a significant change in page load speed due to the fast disk cache engine. Both manual and automatic cache clear options are available while it also displays the actual size of the cache on the dashboard.

Pros: Simple, one-click setup.

Cons: It doesn’t work well with other plugins

Price: Free

Why Is Page Load Speed Important and How to Boost it?

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